How to make… Broccolli, chili, garlic!

This week we want to whet your appetite with a tasty side!

You can enjoy this dish as a side or as a light meal on its own. Full of flavour and nutrients, you can’t go wrong with this one – Stir fry Broccoli with Garlic!


Broccoli – 200g
Carrot – 30g
Beans fine 30g
Garlic peeled – 2 cloves
Thai red chili – 2
Vegetarian stir fry sauce – 30g
Spring onion – 10g (garnish)
Cooking oil – 30ml


  1. Slice the broccoli into bite-size pieces and peel and slice the carrots into 3cm length Julienne style
  2. Cut the beans into 3cm length
  3. Blanch the vegetables in hot water until al dente
  4. Transfer straight into ice water
  5. Heat up the pan and add the oil
  6. Add your chopped garlic and stir fry for a couple of seconds until you begin to smell the fragrance
  7. Add the vegetables into the pan and add the garlic
  8. Add the vegetables, stir fry sauce and sliced Thai red chili into the pan for 3-5 minutes (if you don’t have vegetable stir fry sauce, you can use thin soya sauce and sugar)
  9. Once it’s cooked placed in the plate and garnish with spring onion and serve.

We hope you enjoy this tasty but light dish!

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