Going Vegan at Thaikhun

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Veganism has always existed, but has it always been as popular as it is today?

Following a vegan diet has multiple health benefits including lowering blood sugar levels, improving kidney function and lowering your risk of heart disease. The demand for vegan food is increasing day by day and that’s why we at Thaikhun wanted to do something to accommodate this! The number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled in the last 4 years and as Thai food is one of the healthiest options on the market, we’ve decided to update our menu and include some of the best vegan dishes you’ve ever tasted. We’ve always had a selection of traditional vegetarian options on our menus but not to the extent that we have just introduced. Want to know more? Read on!

We have a wide selection of vegetarian options on our food menu and the majority of these can be made vegan. From sharing platters to a feast for one you won’t be short for choice but make sure you specify as modifications do need to be made.

With it coming into the summer months we wanted to share our lighter dishes for you to enjoy.

Vegan doesn’t have to mean boring. All of our dishes, vegan or not, are true Thai dishes that we’re proud to serve. They’re full of flavour and as authentic as you can can get. If you want to know more about the secrets of our dishes then join us at one of our cooking classes where you can learn the Thai techniques and and impress your guests in the comfort of your own home! Our Thai chefs will teach you how to cook three dishes and give you all the information and skills that you need to recreate them at home.

One of our favourites is our Marinated Organic Tofu Salad which is made of Nam Tok Taohu 100% organic tofu with Thai sour mango, cucumber, fresh lime, Thai chilli, carrot, peanuts and onion mixed with sweet palm soy sauce. This dish provides not only fresh and vibrant flavours and contributes towards your 5 a day, it’s low in calories too! If you’re after something with a bit more heat then our Traditional Papaya salad is the one for you. With shredded papaya, carrots, cherry tomatoes and fine beans pounded with a pestle and mortar with lime, garlic, peanuts, chillies and palm sugar this will be sure to wake up your taste buds!

At Thaikhun we serve Thai Red, Thai Green, Massaman and Panang curry. Curries in Thailand are traditionally made with a fair bit of heat but at Thaikhun we can adapt these to your taste. Our Thai Red Curry and Thai Green Curry are the best options for you vegans (they’re also gluten free so you can leave without the bloat)! Our classic Thai Red Curry made from dried red chillies blended with coconut milk, bamboo and vegetables and our original recipe Thai Green Curry is made with coconut milk, courgettes and beans garnished with sweet basil and chillies. Tofu is added to both of these dishes when the vegan option is chosen.

At Thaikhun we want to provide options on our menu for all dietary requirements. If you have any yummy dishes in mind that you’d like to see on our menu, please let us know!

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