Jungle Curry Recipe | How we’re celebrating National Curry Week at Thaikhun

National Curry Week is here kha and we’re crazy about curries here in Thaikhun. To celebrate, for every bowl of Jungle Curry ordered in our restaurants during National Curry week (9th ~ 15th October) we will donate 50p to Safe Child Thailand – a charity that supports orphans, refugee children, children with disabilities and vulnerable women in Thailand.

We’ve raised £37,000 so far which has helped feed kids all across Thailand and even purchase a Food truck – you can read more about the Food truck here.

Our jungle curry is our Chef Poom’s own recipe is very spicy and super delicious! Unlike most Thai curries, Jungle curry has no coconut milk as the dish originates from the forests of northern Thailand where they don’t grow coconuts.

Check the recipe below.

Top tip: You can find most of the ingredients in the ‘world food’ section in some supermarkets or in your local Asian food store.

Prawn Jungle curry recipe

10ml Rapeseed oil
30g jungle curry paste
150g prawns
300ml chicken stock
5g Red chilli
20g shredded carrots
20g fine beans
10 green peppercorns
20g courgette
20g green papaya
30g bamboo slices
10g kraichai (wild ginger)
5g Basil
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
1 tsp fish sauce


  1. On a high heat, add oil to your wok or pan until it begins to smoke.
  2. Add your jungle curry paste and stir fry – but be careful not to burn the paste.
  3. Once the curry paste is cooked and the Thai spices become fragrant, add your chicken stock.
  4. Once the curry paste has fully dissolved, add the prawns.
  5. Once your prawns start to cook, add the remaining vegetables into the pot.
  6. Season with sugar, fish sauce and salt.
  7. Once the vegetables begin to soften, serve in a bowl with a side of jasmine rice.

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