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We’ve partnered with STA, Singha beer and Tourism Thailand to offer one lucky thrill seeker (and a pal) the #BestSummerEver with an all-expenses paid trip to Thailand. HELLO.

After challenging Thaikhun fans up and down the UK to show us their love, the Thaikhun Ambassadors were chosen (woop woop). The ten contenders have been representing their cities and battling it out to win the holiday of a lifetime. Their secret cocktails have been and gone (shhhhhhhh) and now it’s time to see the clash of the holiday Thai’tineries. Head here to find out more and vote for your favourite!  Keep your eyes peeled because once you’ve cast your vote, the Ambassadors will taking on their final challenge, which is all about the charity, so watch this space…  

Now, without further ado, please meet your Ambassadors! 



In the red corner we have Lauren.
A Manchester local, avid blogger and Instagrammer, Lauren is a Thaikhun regular who is often found on a girl date with her mum in the city centre hotspot. She’s hungry for the opportunity to travel Thailand, blogging and vlogging the whole experience.

Twitter: @LaurenAustinn
Instagram: @lauren.austin



For Aberdeen we have food-aholic Zack!

In his last year of university, this laid back chap enjoys golf, pool, dreams and clearly a bit of poetry…

An Ode to Thaikhun Aberdeen…

When I am cold,
when I am hot.
I dream of your Massaman,
In that black-handled pot.

The rice so sticky,
the chicken so pure.
I can barely wait for my table,
standing at the open door.

Your staff greet me warmly,
always with smiles.
For this kind of welcome,
I'd have run ten miles.

Our meal arrives swiftly,
I stuff in what I'm able.
I've waited all week for this,
I'm clearing the table!

Now I am stuffed,
With perfect Thai food.
Now to grab the bill,
"Student discount? So good."

Now that I'm leaving,
I've had my say.
Please, Thaikhun Aberdeen
Send me on holiday!

Zack guarantees us that he out of everyone would make the most out of this prize… bold statement! Planning to take his girlfriend if he wins, he’s most excited about all the food on offer in Thailand!

Twitter: @Bedford_96
Instagram: @zbedford_96



Oxford Ambassador, Hannah, is a true Yorkshire lass living in the south for the third and final year of her film degree. Hannah’s true passions in life are good cocktails, travelling the world and any cute cat videos she can get her hands on – we feel you Hannah. 

Twitter: @thisiscrudge
Instagram: @crudge_



Our Glasgow Ambassador is 25 year old Sarah.
Museum employee, Sarah is a dab hand with a brush and loves paint in her spare time – when she’s not enjoying Thai food, of course. It’s no surprise that Sarah’s entry is a vibrant watercolour combining some of Thaikhun’s most popular dishes and we think it’s immense. 

Twitter: @swilso837314
Instagram: @s.wilso_



Elise Piercy is in her final year, studying Geography at Nottingham. When she’s not offering questionable IT advice in the library you’ll probably find Elise with the uni triathlon club, and failing that she’ll most likely be eating or sleeping. It's always been a passion of hers to travel and explore Thailand, and most importantly get some good Instagram photos…

Twitter: @Elisepiercy
Instagram: @Elisepiercy



Our Geordie #BestSummerEver ambassador is Natasha and her song ‘Whey aye pad thai’ wowed the judges in round one. Have a listen and you’ll hear why.

Instagram: @tash666___



Our Guildford gal, Sabana is a dab hand at poetry, just check out her lunch time haiku…

"Ka nom Jeeb Moo, yum!
Kao ka Prao Gai is next please,
And a tap water”

Does it tickle your pickle?


Twitter: @sabanaghalex
Instagram: @kumarighale



Up next is Ren! After spending 2 years studying Sociology at the University of Bath and a year of working and travelling, she’s come back to Bath with as much passion as ever! 
Always greeting everyone with a smile (which goes a long way in any language!) she has discovered that one thing is universally understood…food! 
Her love of food is the main inspiration behind her wanderlust and she’s hoping that the #BestSummerEver competition will allow her to explore the delight of Thai cuisine at the source!

Twitter: @RensThoughtsOn
Instagram: @rennn29



Drumroll for Georgina! Who is currently in her third year at Solent University studying Public Relations and Communication. She’s outgoing, motivated and a team player who loves to get involved in a variety of things. She’s a Thai tourist veteran, visiting the country four times, and has developed a love for Thai food and Thaikhun. In her entry Georgina told us how much Thaikhun reminded her of Thailand, with its wacky street decorations. 

Oh yes, one more thing, she LOVES animals, especially puppies and elephants!

Twitter: @georgebushy16
Instagram: @Bushy16

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